We Live Here Now

Where we are, and how we got there.



We are two 30-somethings who don’t live in Toronto anymore.

We started reading about personal finance in our mid-to-late 20s and came to the conclusion that we could be wealthy if we did one of two things: increased our income or decreased our expenses. While most people around us were choosing the former, we chose the latter.

But, frugality alone wasn’t going to allow us to retire. And, making socially and environmentally responsible choices often doesn’t come cheap. So, if we were serious about reducing our expenses yet still living well, we had to think on a grander scale.

This blog is the story of how we retired in less than 3 years by purchasing a home for less than many people spend on a new car. The catch? We had to move from our affluent North York neighbourhood to the middle of nowhere in order to do it.

Free Money Finance posted the 10 most hated money-saving tips according to the comments he’s received over the years while writing over 700 tips. These are the tips that generate the most negative comments like, “That’s impractical,” or “No one would ever do that,” or “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.” Sitting in the number one position of these hated money-saving tips:

  1. Move to a lower cost-of-living city

No one would ever do that. That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard. Except that it can work, and it did for us.

Now our “job” is to figure out how to live the best life possible.

We write about personal finance, changing your life, environmental choices, personal liberty, travel, local food and whatever else comes to mind.

The title of the blog is from a line spoken by the character Lacey on a decidedly Canadian television show “Corner Gas.” At one point, Lacey (who has moved to Dog River, Saskatchewan from Toronto) looks around at some crazy, local situation in which she finds herself and says to herself, “I live here now.” The line expresses her resignation/acceptance of her new surroundings, and a little bit of an “Am I nuts?” attitude.

“Here” in this blog started out as Dauphin, MB, population 9,000. We have since moved again to Summerside, PE, population 15,000. We called it “There” for the first year, but it’s now really become the new “Here.”

Our extreme living experiment and semi-retirement has allowed us to travel “Everywhere.” Sometimes we’re away from home for so long at a time that “Everywhere” becomes the temporary “Here.” Confused yet? So are we!